Pump selection procedures and general several factors need to be considered

1, according to the device layout, terrain conditions, water conditions, operating conditions, and economic program comparing factors;

2, consider selecting horizontal, vertical, and other types. Horizontal pump disassembly and assembly easy , easy to manage, but bulky and expensive, require a large area; vertical pumps, in many cases the impeller submerged in water, can be activated at any time, easy to automatic or remote control, compact, installation area is small, the price is cheaper.

3, according to the nature of the liquid medium, to determine the water pump, heat pumps, chemical pumps or corrosion resistant pump or impurity pump, or using non-clog pump.

Pump installed in the blast area should be based on regional explosion level, use explosion-proof motors.

4, the vibration is divided into: pneumatic, electric (electric divided to 380v voltage and 220v voltage).

5,according to the capacity, choose single-suction pump or double suction pump: according to the head, choose single-suction pump or multi-suction pump, high-speed pump or low speed pump (air pump), multistage pump low efficient than single-stage pump,when the two type pumps are all can use, advised to use a single-stage pumps.

After determined the specific type of pump, and adopted pump series, can according to the maximum flow, head that enlarged 5% - 10% margin two main parameters, identify the specific model on the type spectrum or the curves of series characteristic.

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